I would like to make sure that everyone reading knows that there are serious mental health concerns that can be helped with essential oils and other natural means; however, seeking a professional is often the best course of action.  I am here to provide information so that you can have the knowledge to best help you in consulting others.  Professionals who deal with mental health include psychologists, counselors, some social workers, and some nutritionists and herbalists.   Nutritionists and herbalists may not have professional education for mental health, but they can offer you more detailed information on natural ways to deal with mental health.  If you have questions for me that are private, my email is in my profile on this blog.  I am not a licensed counselor or social worker; I have a lot of good information that can help in seeking one.  I have an understanding of mental health, so I can give advice and information.  I am neither a certified nutritionist nor herbalist (yet), but I have information that can help on your path to gaining help from others.  I am also not a medical doctor or midwife, so nothing I share should be taken as medical advice.  I also would like to encourage everyone to seek out a spiritual advisor or friend.  I believe in the mind-body-spirit connection and find it healthy to maintain positive spirituality (whatever that path may be for you).  Seek your religious or spiritual leaders or friends who hold the same belief, or email me if you want someone to talk to about spiritual matters.

I wrote another post about my vision for my blog/business.  I would also like to take this time to briefly describe my degrees.  My Bachelor of Science in Psychology with minors in Philosophy and History basically means that I like psychology, considered becoming a psychologist, but found a new focus later on.  I learned a lot about psychology for my BS, but I also love philosophy and history.  My Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with focuses in Counseling and Social Work was created because I loved differing characteristics in both fields.  I like the aspect of counseling where I learned about working with people one on one to help them reach the best health possible.  I learned a lot of techniques in helping others and how to provide information.  This provision of information is partially what led me to Social Work.  Social workers are unparalleled in helping people find the information they need.  They can work with small groups, large groups, communities, cities, and individuals.  They have a broad vision for equality and believe that every individual has a story that matters.  I liked both areas, but didn't want to function solely in either area so I focused on both to create my own definition of helping people in conjunction with natural and conventional methods of treating health and wellness.  This means that part of my future is to get certificates in nutrition and herbalism.

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