Monday, March 2, 2015

Hiatus & Vision

Has it really been almost two full years since I last sat down to blog?  What in the world have I been doing for those two years?  Well, I finished school.  Finally.  I now have my Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in Counseling and Social Work.  (Whew!  It was as exhausting as it sounds!)

President Shepherd handing me my award (WNMU)
Going to school is hard but, by far, the hardest thing is figuring life out after school.  At my graduation in December 2014, I realized that I had been in school for nearly seven years.  It has been 2 months since graduation and I have yet to experience that "light bulb sensation" as to what to do to get my vision going.  I've done some research, signed up for Adsense on my blog, and have an idea about the website I want to create, but I have no idea how to get started.  Such is life after graduation.    "What now?" pervades my thinking.

So, here is my vision.  I would like to "upgrade" my blog (which means being more diligent) by making it a glorified advice column (for lack of a better way to put it).  I do not want to offer counseling, but information.  I can research and provide information about all types of things.  I have a passion about living naturally and am working on helping my family to become self-sustainable.  I would like to offer information about that same thing to others, but on a different level than other blogs.  I want people to go out and be educated about the medications they are putting in their bodies and know that there are natural alternatives to many of them, or lifestyle and diet changes that can be made to help facilitate better health.  I desire to offer products that I have designed to help with this (such as teas, candles for aromatherapy, etc) and a variety of other fun and interesting products and ideas. I also want to be able to help people find the resources they need to move ahead into the lives they envision.  When I spoke to a former professor he used the term "Wellness Coach" to describe what I want to do.  So, I want to be a Wellness Coach, but with more experience and knowledge (more means the amount of education I have received and the experiences I have had in the process of obtaining my degrees).

Bill Evans Lake
I'm not sure how to get started though.  So, I am going to start by being more diligent about my blog and sharing information that I have researched over the years in school.  Maybe then I'll have a lightbulb moment and figure this out.  Maybe if I go back to the lake I'll feel some inspiration.  It's lovely!

Light and Love!

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